games Mini Assassins coming on Friday


Mini Assassins has been in development for a long time and is coming to iOS on Friday, August 7. The 8-bit style is heavily inspired by games from the NES and SNES era. It’s an arcade game with intuitive 1-or-2-finger-controls that are optimized for the touchscreen. Let me know how you like it!

Dodge incoming ninja stars and cut enemy arrows in midair. Tap to jump. Swipe to throw ninja stars. Use your special skills wisely by dragging and dropping them on the battlefield.

More info here:

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animation, tools mbPlumage 1.1 Released


mbPlumage is a digital asset for feather styling and simulation in SideFX Houdini. Version 1.1 comes with some great new functionality and perfomance enhancements.

Find out more about mbPlumage.

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tools New Houdini Assets Released


mbPlumage, my first asset for Houdini, is now available on Many features from mbFeatherTools went into this asset, but there are also a lot of new features like for example the Point Sim mode which looks similar to a wire/cloth solver but is over 25 times faster and more stable.

But that’s not all. Fur Flow introduces an alternative to combing fur by letting you style it with control nulls just like feathers. mbSmoothie (free for non-commercial use) is a post-deforming operator that can fix deformations while preserving the detail. Quick Copy Transform can greatly increase performance of an animation if you are using copy stamping in Houdini.

mbSmoothie – Houdini Digital Asset from Michael Buettner on Vimeo.


If you don’t use Houdini yet, I encourage you to download and try everything out for free. First you need to download and install the free Houdini Apprentice Learning Edition which runs on Windows, Max OSX, Linux and is not time-limited. Then you can download trial versions of my assets on Orbolt will then conveniently open the example scene of the asset. The trial version lets you try the asset for 3 days.

Have fun!

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tools mbFeatherTools 3.2 Update


Hey folks, version 3.2 of mbFeatherTools is now available. Softimage 2015 is now fully supported. The licensing system has been improved so it only creates the FeatherTool property in scenes where the plugin is used. There is also an “Activate License” button in the toolbar in case you accidentally delete it.

If you are switching machines often, you can now store your key on the network and point Softimage to it with an environment path. You can set the environment variable MBFEATHERTOOLS_LICENSE to the path where you want to store the license file. For more info, please see the documentation.

If you have not yet received the update, please contact me.

games Battlebow: Shoot the Demons – Winter Update


After a very successful release of my game Battlebow: Shoot the Demons for the Android platform on 28th June 2013, I figured it would be a good time to do an update. Here are the update notes:

New Monsters! New Worlds! New Items!

Your heroes have gotten into a winter storm. Will you be able to fight the ogres while your arrows are blown around by the wind?

New features of 1.6:
- Level Cap is now 60
- 2 new worlds with endbosses await you
- Loot over 200 items
- Minor bugfixes
- More monsters
- Wind blows your projectiles off track


When the 1.6 update went live this month, it received much attention and so the total download count of the game went over 100,000. It is a great feeling when so many people worldwide are enjoying the game, and it makes me glad I did not put any IAP into the android version. That way, somebody without a credit card (Over 10% of installs are coming from other sources than Google Play) can still enjoy the game it was meant to be played.
Here are some of my favorite user reviews:
Azreal ArcAngel
Fantastic 1 of the best games 4 mobile that i have seen yet all though it crashes from time 2 time. I’ll change my rating when that gets fixed. :-)
Giovanni Gomez
Love it!!!!! I love this game but on co-op put online and 4 players to make it more easier. I trust you guys keep making updates enjoyed this game alot.

Download Battlebow on the App Store and on Google Play.

Battlebow: Shoot the Demons – Official Website


tools New FeatherTools Tutorials


3 new tutorials are now online to help you get the most out of the plugin. Don’t forget that there are also video tutorials available on Vimeo.

I have also added a complete list of all tutorials on the FeatherTools page. You can find it under Support -> Tutorials


games Battlebow Now Available for Android


Battlebow: Shoot the Demons is now available as a free download! Try it out, I think you will like it.

The android version comes without IAP and features 4 character classes, easy one-finger controls, and a co-op mode which lets 2 players play on a single device. Over 140 items to loot and many quests give the game its RPG characteristics. Read the rest of this entry »

tools FeatherTools FAQ Update


The FAQ for the mbFeatherTools plugin has been updated with 2 important additions that I get asked pretty often. If you need some extra resolution for your weightmaps or need to work on the UVs of your mesh, have a look.


tools Interview by the AREA : Behind the Screenz


I got interviewed the the AREA about the development of mbFeatherTools. Have fun reading!

mbFeatherTools Interview


tools mbFeatherTools docs updated


The mbFeatherTools documentation has been updated with more detailed information on the mb_RotationMapOp operator. Read the doc here



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