Battlebow: Shoot the Demons
Battlebow is a free-to-play action RPG that pits the player against hordes of demons. Tap to aim and shoot, swipe to slash and block in this blend of the RPG and 2D shooter genre. Collect items and level up the character to defend against an onslaught of demons from hell. Blast them to pieces with a vast array of weaponry and magic spells, including explosive arrows, cannonballs and lightnings.


Necta Collecta, the quirky puzzler with wit and charm.
You are one of four cuddly insects and your goal is to fly to all flowers of one color and type to collect their delicious nectar. The difficulty is that each character has a certain movement pattern with which he flies to the flowers. Get to know the lively characters throughout the story, and master their movement types.


Snowreal is a snowboarding modification for Unreal Tournament 3. You can play it on PC and Playstation 3. Snowreal is the FIRST and still ONLY snowboarding game on the PS3!

Check out the official Snowreal Homepage



Kickflip Quake
Kickflip is the one and only skating mod for Quake1! The name actually comes (who would have guessed!) from the basic trick that you’ll do when you jump and hit your mouse button.
Of course you can get the files on ModDB, but be sure to check out the Original Kickflip Page.
Kickflip Quake is proud to be part of the permanent exhibition in the Computerspielemuseum Berlin!


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