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animation, tools mbPlumage 1.1 Released


mbPlumage is a digital asset for feather styling and simulation in SideFX Houdini. Version 1.1 comes with some great new functionality and perfomance enhancements.

Find out more about mbPlumage.

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tools New Houdini Assets Released


mbPlumage, my first asset for Houdini, is now available on Many features from mbFeatherTools went into this asset, but there are also a lot of new features like for example the Point Sim mode which looks similar to a wire/cloth solver but is over 25 times faster and more stable.

But that’s not all. Fur Flow introduces an alternative to combing fur by letting you style it with control nulls just like feathers. mbSmoothie (free for non-commercial use) is a post-deforming operator that can fix deformations while preserving the detail. Quick Copy Transform can greatly increase performance of an animation if you are using copy stamping in Houdini.

mbSmoothie – Houdini Digital Asset from Michael Buettner on Vimeo.


If you don’t use Houdini yet, I encourage you to download and try everything out for free. First you need to download and install the free Houdini Apprentice Learning Edition which runs on Windows, Max OSX, Linux and is not time-limited. Then you can download trial versions of my assets on Orbolt will then conveniently open the example scene of the asset. The trial version lets you try the asset for 3 days.

Have fun!

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tools mbFeatherTools Released!


I am proud to announce the release of mbFeatherTools!
Check it out at

The online documentation is also up now.

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